Support for the milestones and transitions in the life of a K-12 district.

With roots in education policy and academia, we view the major events within a district through a data-focused lens. Our experience throughout the public education system helps us to guide districts with a strategically solid and thoughtful approach. Our focus is in decision and implementation support, strategic refinement, and change management.

District Budgetary Needs Assessment

Budget planning efforts are limited from the get-go when they begin by duplicating last year’s approach. Administrators need a deep understanding to arrive at an efficient and equitable budget. We help by auditing the funding formula, examining equity/efficiency measures, and offering recommendations that address the findings.

Package includes:

School funding formula audit

District-wide equity assessment

Recommendations for policy and budgetary improvements

Preparing for ESSA

ESSA Preparedness

ESSA is ushering major change for education finance. Districts will be held to a new standard of fiscal transparency that will expose funding discrepancies at the student-level. We help districts scaffold the messaging around their funding methodology and meet new Title I Supplement Not Supplant (SNS) allocation methodology reporting.

Package includes:

Strategic funding model evaluation and recommendation

Assistance with Supplement Not Supplant allocation methodology reporting

Creation of internal supporting documentation

Communicating with stakeholders

Change Management & Stakeholder Relations

Change is difficult and poor communications can distract from an administration’s progress. From press relations to board and community presentations, managing the optics of major district-level decisions is complicated. We provide support for change management like implementing a new finance approach.

Package includes:

Stakeholder communications plan

Presentation materials for stakeholder meetings

Official messaging for press relations

School consolidation and closures

School Closure & Consolidation

Changing a district's school architecture is a painful process for district leaders, school boards, and communities. Administrators are challenged to honor the interests of stakeholders while maintaining solvency. Our support for school consolidation uses district data and financial modeling to determine the most strategic path forward.

Package includes:

School utilization and overhead analyses

Transportation and housing assessments

Demographic trend analysis and pupil projections

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