Justin Dayhoff

Founder & CEO | Equiday


University of Maryland, College Park

Doctor of Philosophy, Education Policy Studies (In progress)

Doctoral Certificate, Education Measurement and Statistics (In progress)

Research: School Finance, School Law, Policy, Politics of Education, Statistics


Teachers College, Columbia University

Master of Arts, Sociology and Education, Education Policy Concentration (2012)


New York University

Bachelor of Music, Music Education, Magna Cum Laude (2009)

Professional Experience

Applied Research, Assessment, and Reporting Analyst  | Prince George’s County Public Schools | Oxon Hill, MD | 2015-16

  • Served as an expert on K-12 assessment administration, data, and related policy.
  • Collaborated on ad-hoc district needs (maintained PGCPS Judy Center websites; created reporting systems to help schools and LEA staff better predict and identify at-risk students).
  • Collaborated with office supervisors and administrators to administer a range of local-, state-, and federally-mandated assessments including the Partnership for the Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) assessments, the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP), Northwest Education Agency (NWEA) Map-R assessments, Scholastic Reading/Math Inventories.
  • Reviewed and made recommendations related to assessment policies (e.g., adjustments to online testing interfaces, opt-out policies for stakeholders, etc.).
  • Performed complex quantitative analyses including multiple regression and multi-level/hierarchical models using quasi-experimental designs with K-12 assessment data to respond to direct questions from the CEO, senior leadership, and external stakeholders and to assist with the implementation and evaluation of the district’s assessment program.
  • Designed clear, concise, and compelling presentations to communicate assessment data, assessment overviews, and policy recommendations in easy-to-understand language (e.g., presentations to executive cabinet; policy recommendations for college and career readiness criteria to senior staff; assessment literacy brochures for parents, families, community stakeholders; organizing district-wide events to engage parents in assessment literacy).
  • Provided requested data and analytics to stakeholders in a fast-paced environment with short turnaround times without sacrificing quality control.
  • Directly created, managed, and maintained data reporting systems for 209 schools with 132,000 students for new state assessments, graduation data, item analyses, and other assessment-related data and analytics to inform data-driven decision making in school sites and across district departments.


Research Associate | Westat | Rockville, MD | 2015

  • Collaborated in and led parts of a large-scale, multi-state study that sampled more than 10,000 individuals across more than 5 states and evaluated a number of education-policy reforms related to student achievement, teacher development, teacher evaluation, and new state standards and curricula.
  • Helped to address challenges in study design and sampling related to: Instrument design, variations in instruments across states, accommodating state education agency requests for generalizable results at different units of analysis and/or demographic characteristics.
  • Coordinated a team collecting and harmonizing education outcome data across multiple states and helped to create uniform, publicly available, education data. These data collection efforts included contact with State Education Agencies and testing agencies.
  • Briefed senior leaders on ongoing work and address conflict and differing views within the team and with the project’s large, private contractor (The Gates Foundation).


Education Policy Consultant | Delegate Anne Kaiser, Majority Leader | Annapolis, MD | (2015)

  • Attended to and advised on a number of policy issues including issues related to school finance and resource distribution, charter schools, and special education.
  • Created briefs for every education bill in the Ways & Means committee.
  • Prepared floor-debate text for key bills going to the House floor.
  • Liaised and built coalitions with other party members, lobby leaders, and high-ranking government officials.
  • Led discussion on education-content driven policies to build consensus on particular policies and legislative modifications.


Researcher | Maryland Equity Project | College Park, MD | 2013-15

  • Analyzed a range of issues sensitive to Maryland schools and communicated analyses through briefs, reports, and studies.
  • Assisted with delivery of policy-relevant material to state policymakers and with case studies, data collection and analysis with the ongoing Maryland Adequacy Study.
  • Created, designed, and implemented a website for the project.


Researcher | Student-Based Budgeting Study | College Park, MD | 2012-13

  • Conducted field research (involving principals, school leaders, and district officials) in Prince George’s County Public Schools, which included observations and interviews.
  • Collected and analyzed large-scale district budget data related to a $500 million school-budgeting program in a large, metropolitan school district.
  • Assembled research into publishable presentations and papers, communicating complex school-evaluation and budget/finance information to both technical and nontechnical audiences and to the public.


Data Specialist | The Family School PS. 443X | Bronx, NY | 2009-12

  • Created and maintained data collection, management, and assessment tools for each individual student, class, grade, and school within all subject areas.
  • Analyzed and disaggregated data for the entire school by a range of subgroups.
  • Constructed formative and summative assessments including ELA and Math.
  • Esured school data verification and compliance with the city and state.
  • Collaborated with the network office to assist other school principals with data creation, management, and analysis.
  • Created data work and files that ran to and communicated between various levels of the system (school, district, and state).
  • Organized and conducted professional developments with staff and in other schools to increase teacher access to their students’ data and to enhance data-driven decision-making in the classroom and in the school as a whole.


New Victory Education Apprentice | New 42nd Street, Inc. Education | New York, NY | 2008

  • Wrote curriculum guides for New Victory School Tools targeted at grades K-12.
  • Assisted with New Victory’s 139 education partners, observing and participating in classroom workshops and communicating with partner schools.
  • Attended professional development workshops for teaching artists.
  • Assisted in the organization of teaching artist assignments.
  • Filmed and edited education grant videos, web videos, and the season video for a 499 seat Off-Broadway House on 42nd Street.
Teaching Experience

Music Teacher, Technology Coordinator | The Family School PS. 443X | Bronx, NY | 2009-12

I was a founding member of The Family School PS. 443X, in the Bronx, NY. There, I was the music teacher of record for more than 500 elementary school students (including ESL, inclusion, and special education classes). I attended parent teacher conferences, I designed the music curricula (aligned to city and state music standards), I ordered all necessary classroom supplies and instruments, and I attended professional development for music educators. I also organized monthly assemblies, I taught before and after school chorus, and I directed and taught two (fall/spring) cross-grade musicals. I wrote and received grant and partnership opportunities for groups like VH1 Save the Music and the Theatrical Rights Worldwide partnership program. In addition to my responsibilities as a music teacher, I ran the technology program for the school and I chaired the school-leadership team (an elected position that coordinated school wide policy decisions between the PTA, teachers, support staff, and administration). In these roles, I conducted professional development and team building for staff members, I ordered and maintained all school- and classroom based technology (including a computer lab), and I coordinated with the PTA and local business stakeholders, all the while embracing diversity/inclusion amongst a high-minority, high-poverty student body. I supervised a technology intern and a music student teacher.


Student Intern | The Frank Sinatra School of the Arts and PS 69Q | Queens, NY | 2009-09

I taught and grew as a teacher across multiple schools and programs in New York City Public Schools. At the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts, I independently led private lessons and small group instruction for brass students and brass ensemble. I wrote and arranged music for students and ensembles. I conducted a gold-medal with distinction (New York State School Musical Association—NYSSMA) wind ensemble, and I prepared students for their NYSSMA group and solo performances. I conducted during assemblies, and helped prepare the orchestra pit for its musical. At PS 69, I taught general education K-2 music classes for all students in those grades, including ESL and inclusion classes. I prepared students for and accompanied the spring K-2 musical assembly. I taught parent-child violin classes for kindergarteners and their parents after school. I taught and accompanied a 70-student elementary chorus.


Refereed Journals

Malen, B., Dayhoff, J., Egan, L., & Croninger, R. (Accepted). Facing Realities: The Challenge of Advancing Fiscal Equity in a Resource-Stained Context. Educational Policy.


Refereed Conference Presentations

Dayhoff, J., Egan, L., Malen, B., & Croninger, R. (2015). Facing Realities: The Challenge of Advancing Fiscal Equity in Resource-Strapped Contexts. Paper to be presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association, Chicago, IL.

Dayhoff, J. Egan, L., Malen, B., & Croninger, B. (2014). In Pursuit of Fiscal Equity in Resource-Strapped Contexts: The Case of Weighted-Student Funding in Prince George’s County Public Schools. Paper to be presented at the Annual Convention of the University Council for Education Administration, Washington, DC.

Egan, L., & Dayhoff, J. (2015) Does Rigor Matter? A State-Level Analysis of the Relationship Between Rigor and Achievement on NAEP. Paper to be presented at the 40th Annual Association of Education Finance and Policy Conference, Washington, DC.

Egan, L., Dayhoff, J., Garcia, A., Curtis, K., Malen, B., & Croninger, R. (2014). Designing and Implementing Student-Based Budgeting (SBB) in a Resource-Strapped Context. Paper presented at the 39th Annual Association of Education Finance and Policy Conference, San Antonio, Texas.

Klasik, D., & Dayhoff, J. (2014). A State-by-State Assessment of Percent Plans as a Race-Neutral Means of Achieving Postsecondary Racial Diversity. Paper presented at the 39th Annual Association of Education Finance and Policy Conference, San Antonio, Texas.

Klasik, D., & Dayhoff, J. (2014). A State-By-State Assessment of Percent Plans As a Race-Neutral Means of Achieving Postsecondary Racial Diversity. Paper presented at the Education and Civil Rights Conference, State College, PA.

Klasik, D., & Dayhoff, J. (2014). A State-By-State Assessment of Percent Plans As a Race-Neutral Means of Achieving Postsecondary Racial Diversity. Paper presented at the Association for Public Policy Analysis & Management Fall Research Conference, Albuquerque, NM.


Graduate Student Conference Presentations

Dayhoff, J. (2014). Credentialing’s Contribution to Social Reproduction: An Empirical Study of Four-year Degree Attainment and the Cost Burden Associated with College Attendance. Paper presented in roundtable at the University of Maryland College of Education Student Research Symposium, College Park, MD.


Non-Refereed Reports

Dayhoff, J. (Upcoming). Are charter schools a good bet for Maryland? What we know and what we need to find out. College Park, MD: Maryland Equity Project at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Sunderman, G. L., & Dayhoff, J. (2014). Creating opportunities or settling for inequities: Two decades of change in Maryland’s public schools. College Park, MD: Maryland Equity Project at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Croninger, R., & Dayhoff, J., (2013). The Impact of SBB on the Distribution and Control of District Resources in Malen, B., Curtis, K., Sinclair, K., Croninger, R. G., Garcia, A., and Egan, L. In Pursuit of Equity, Autonomy, and Improvement: A Study of the Student-Based Budgeting Initiative in Prince George’s County Public Schools (Chapter 5). A research monograph prepared for the Prince George’s County Public School System: Prince George’s County, MD.

Grants, Awards & Fellowships

Delegate Kaiser Fellow | University of Maryland, College Park & Maryland House of Delegates (2015)

Michael Eisner Education Fund Award | Teachers College Columbia University (2010)

Alternate Student Graduation Speaker | Steinhardt School, NYU (2009)

Theodore Presser Scholar Award | Steinhardt School, NYU  (2008)

“The student is selected by the President of the School and the Head of the Music Department solely on the basis of the merit and achievement.”

NYU Steinhardt Dean’s Scholar | Steinhardt School, NYU(2005-07)

“Scholars are selected to participate in the Steinhardt Honors Program based on an outstanding record of academic achievement, leadership, and service.”

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