Advancing equity in your district may be easier than you think.

Allocate Pro is a cloud-based application that improves the strategic budgeting process for K-12 districts. Administrators use Allocate Pro to select their ideal school funding formula and educate stakeholders and regulators with detailed, student-level reporting. It's the first tool custom-built to meet the challenges of the allocation phase of the budgeting cycle.

Supporting districts in making responsible, strategic funding allocations to schools through:

Streamlined administration

Quickly and efficiently manage calculations and reports for your budget and budget book.

Data-driven methodology

Incorporate student- and school-level data to craft smart, targeted distributions for schools.

Strategic alignment

Align district and school board priorities with student-centered school budget allocations.

Funding formula alternatives

Model unlimited funding scenarios to evaluate alternatives and find the ideal budget allocations.

Content support

Leverage guidance from school finance experts and education consultants.

Regulatory awareness

Support new ESSA requirements with built-in reporting for per-pupil allocations.

"The funding model, now available through Equiday, is transformative in how it has helped us define, measure, valuate and subsequently advance equity beyond anything our previous formulae could provide."

Kristy Miller Fiscal Compliance Officer, Prince George's County Public Schools
Traditional funding models Weighted funding models

For traditional funding models

Districts using traditional resource allocation methods can add strategic thinking into their budgeting process. Resource allocation to schools within a school district most often relies on:

Matching and building upon previous year resource and programmatic allocations

Meeting district-defined class size targets, or

Using a set of business rules to assign staff and resources

Use Allocate Pro to load business rules and instantly allocate FTEs, programs, and dollars to schools. Run different scenarios and assess the impact of each alternative on your schools, instantly. When your model is selected, export school allocation reports and load the data into your budget books and ERP software.

For weighted funding models

The majority of districts in the U.S. rely on a traditional approach to funding their schools. However, these approaches are limited in their ability to advance resource equity and are often inefficient to operate. (New school-level per-pupil reporting requirements under ESSA call attention to these limitations.)

Every school and each of its students have different needs. Weighted funding approaches enable districts to respond to these differences, increasing the potential for equity and smart spending decisions. Allocate Pro helps administrators design and implement accurate weighted funding models with efficiency.

Allocate Pro Pricing Tiers

Licensing fees for Allocate Pro are scaled according to district size and priced to support the work of district administrators. We're sensitive to the budget limitations in small districts and can flexibly scale to support large districts with complex student populations. The software application is always paired with strategic support to help districts implement strategic budgeting.

All packages include:

Allocate Pro software licenses for 4 users

On-demand technical support

Access to library of guidance literature

40 hours of strategic and content-based support

Small Districts 0-10 schools
Mid-Sized Districts 11-20 schools
Large Districts 20+ schools

*Allocate Pro for large districts requires an additional $50/school annual fee for each school above 20 schools.

Additional strategic and content-based support available for $15,000 per 40 hour block.

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