The budget control center for your district's school funding formula.

Allocate Pro has all the dashboards and levers you need to build a data-driven school funding formula for your district. Based on our experience making district budgets (and with a little programming magic), we built Allocate Pro with the functionality to make resource allocation less arbitrary and more closely tied to student need.


SmartWeights by Allocate Pro integrate any numerical student, grade, and school data with other key model parameters to calculate nuanced composite weights for every school. As a result, weights respond to the real data associated with your district’s priorities and equity initiatives. It’s an objective approach that permits weights to differ by school and work toward a one-to-one match with student need.

In action: A district receives a grant to support English Language Learner (ELL) services. While the true cost of adequate ELL support is greater than the district can afford, the district must decide how to best distribute the fixed revenue. Using Allocate Pro, the district imports WIDA scores and other ELL-specific data and enters the grant funding amount for ELL services. Then, Allocate Pro 1) calculates the relative need of support between each school, based on the data, 2) identifies a unique weight for ELL students in each school, and 3) allocates the dollar amount for each school.

School-Level Insights

Allocations are driven by central office and districts need school-level insight to guide their thinking. With Allocate Pro, administrators can interact with the schools dashboard to evaluate the impact of the funding formula at each school. Also, school summary sheets outline the calculations behind every dollar a school receives. These pre-packaged details support district communications and increase fiscal transparency.

In action: A district enters staffing rules in Allocate Pro – the allocation and FTE counts are as expected. However, leadership wants to ensure that the rules allow for a new CTE program in two high schools. They reference the schools dashboard and realizes that the rules do not allocate enough program FTEs for the target schools to launch the program. They make an adjustment to the rules and immediately assess the impact of the change. The new rule allocates sufficient FTEs to support the program and the budget is approved for the district’s budget book and ERP system.

Hold Harmless Provision

Changes to a funding formula can advance equity, but some schools feel a loss in the process. With Allocate Pro, districts can set guardrails to cap the gain or loss in per-pupil spending at each school. Weights adjust accordingly to create a “soft landing” for year-to-year changes. The hold harmless provision works by referencing the prior year’s per-pupil spending to soften the impact of adjustments to the funding formula.

In action: The district’s schools have made steady progress toward meeting standards. In planning next year’s budget with Allocate Pro, the district sets a hold harmless range of +/- 4% to avoid interruption while still increasing equity. In doing so, the district configures a funding model that ensures that, even for schools with less student need, no school will be severely impacted by changes to enrollment, demography, or the funding formula and its associated per-pupil allocations.

Other features designed for district budgeting:

Import templates to aggregate data sources

Flat weights for categorical student needs

Average weights for nuanced student needs

Baselines to set funding thresholds

Locked dollars to define distinct pots of money

Funding scenarios to compare formulas

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