Your district’s budget sets your mission and goals into motion.

From resource equity to school autonomy and fiscal transparency, K-12 school district goals are driven by the math beneath the budget book.

Strategic school finance – simplified.

Equiday scaffolds the budget planning process at K-12 school districts. We partner with administration to increase a district's potential for resource equity and fiscal responsibility by making strategic school funding accessible and efficient. Our expertise is in funding model design and implementation, change management, and regulatory compliance.

ESSA Compliance

Reporting your allocation methodology and justifying per-pupil expenditures to the public are big changes for districts. Success here starts with forward-thinking allocation processes.

Strategic Budget Planning

When advancing equity is a district mission, the work begins in the mechanics of your funding formula. A nuanced, student-driven approach should consider demographic, programmatic, and academic needs.

Funding Model Management

The decisions that drive resource allocation require data-driven intelligence and critical thinking. District administrators are often stretched to meet both the technical and strategic demands of the process.

Stakeholder Communications

The effects of your funding formula matter to many (and most aren't fluent in ed finance). Proactive communications about funding discrepancies is key to helping stakeholders respect the strategy.

School lockersStrategic approach

Strategic budgeting for K-12 district administrators.

Discover what resource equity, process efficiency, and fiscal transparency can look like in your district. Our modeling tool, Allocate Pro, helps administrators evaluate alternatives to choose the ideal school funding scenario, meet new regulatory demands, and proactively write the narrative about education finance for district stakeholders.

The strategic work of your district starts in the pages of your budget book.

That's why we help districts bring strategic thinking into resource allocation — and save time in the process. Our flagship tool, Allocate Pro, was made for the budgeting phase of a district's financial work. The tool powers the calculations behind school resource allocation formula and delivers ESSA-compliant reporting at the school-level.

Allocate Pro helps districts to:

Develop a strategically-sound resource allocation in 1-5 days

Create nuanced, targeted distributions based on data

Draw the budget closer to programmatic and academic needs

Realize savings by eliminating inefficiencies in funding allocations

Prepare for the consequences of new ESSA fiscal reporting requirements

Quick (and accurate) budget calculations

Data-driven methodology

Student-centered allocations

Automated ESSA reporting

Proactive stakeholder communications

Alignment with strategic goals

Study ed finance with us!

Resources for ed finance and strategic budgeting — drawn from the research of finance and policy experts and real-world perspectives from district practitioners.

On-demand ESSA fiscal reporting webinar!

New ESSA fiscal reporting requirements are more than just a compliance exercise. Once central office has this data, what happens next? Get the district and policy perspective this webinar.

You’ll learn about:

How to use ESSA-required fiscal data to evaluate (and improve) your district’s resource allocation methodology

Strategies for tackling the optics and messaging on ESSA per-pupil reporting and education finance geared toward district stakeholders

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Stories and scholarship on k-12 district budgeting.
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